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The Dignitary Countryside Residence opened its virtual doors May 2020 to present the 100 year master plan which will implement a sustainable approach to the stewardship of land, property and the environment. In optimising commercial and socially beneficial outcomes, we aim to contribute to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the communities in the United Kingdom that we are part of.

Our shared values of integrity, respect and trust, stand as the hallmarks of everything we do and have done for more then 120 years.


By introducing and developing sustainable land management practices, we are protecting and enabling some of the strongest populations of rare flora and fauna, as well as endangered and red listed species to thrive on our land. We will aim to deliver long term habitat and wildlife management, sustainably, and complying with all legal requirements and relevant codes of practice, including animal welfare standards.

15.000 Acres

We are ledging responsibility for the stewardship of land with 15.000 acres by 2025 in the United Kingdom, most of which is designated and protected for its environmental or conservation interests in accordance within international pledge to our planet.

Rural Great Britain

"to save for a rainy day"

think of the future

"to preempt with us is to save something, for the eventuality, for a possible unexpected future"

School for the Gifted

Our campus plan provides a framework for our rural estate over 15 years and aims to create a sustainable campus focused around a school for the gifted, a private academy for students where they are able to receive an education and explore their gift such as AI, Computing and Space without persecution from the outside world.

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Yuval Harari speaking at the How to Survive the 21st Century Davos 2020

Our Century Masterplan

Be part of 15.000 acres of estate, farm, land and woods by 2025

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