Dilan Malalgodapitiyagamage

Managing Director


“Our chosen properties are individual – and each has its own personality, authentic to its location. A landmark, both old and new, occupying years of history in exceptional locations.
No-one knows United Kingdom, quite as we do. My family has been in the business of hosting and protecting for many generations – in that time we’ve developed a distinctive approach to service and a certain sense of instinct. After the passing of our Italian head of the family Umberto Viola early 2020, age ninty-five, the decision was made to take the tradition in to the twenty-first century making the UK our base for the next 100 Years, bringing our expertise and attention to detail to our guests in a way that is natural and warm.

Our Team

Our style of service is about being true to our vocation, to our heritage, and to our reputation. We have done things this way for generations from protecting royalty to serving head of states. We have a great understanding regarding foreign traditions, perspectives, culture and religion. We will adapt to your wishes. You might say it’s in our blood. We are a family of individuals, and so is every single one of The Dignitary Countryside Residences.

The arms were officially granted on November 21, 1996